2017 1st Quarter Grants

We gave over $32,000 in matching grants the 1st quarter of 2017.

Cayce, SC Busbee Creative Arts Academy: This Academy, as part of the Lexington SC School District, is creating a new string program to build on an existing band and chorus program for children in middle school. CFKF gave $4,000 in matching support for 13 new instruments.

Charlotte, NC Charlotte Lab School: This public charter school serving students grades 3-6 is creating a new string program to serve as the beginning of a full music program. CFKF gave a $2,000 matching grant to this exciting new initiative.

Cobleskill/Richmondville, NY CSD: This rural area middle school’s string program is growing steadily, and they have a strong need to replace and augment their inventory of cellos to meet the rising demand. They have received a $1,200 matching grant for 4 new cellos.

Davenport, FL School for the Arts:  This program is located in rural Davenport, substantially a bedroom community for those serving the Orlando theme parks. Their middle school orchestra program needs another sturdy cello which CFKF supported with a matching grant.

Framingham, MA PAC: This is our second grant to this well-run program for kids grades 1-4 serving the underserved and ethnically diverse (a large Brazilian population lives there) community of Framingham, MA. The program is expanding, and they are partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Metrowest to serve the students involved; Framingham’s public schools do not currently offer strings education. CFKF gave a matching grant of $2,862 to support and encourage this very worthy program’s continued growth.

Greenville, SC Legacy Charter School: This is our second grant to this well-run program for kids grades 4-12 supporting the underserved, ethnically diverse, and economically challenged families in Greenville. The program’s growth is limited by high instrument rental costs, so CFKF is offering $4,000 in support for 15 new instruments.

Lancaster, PA Music for Everyone: This is our second grant to this innovative and far-reaching program for kids grades K-12 serving the 16 school districts in Lancaster County. The program is expanding rapidly, hence a strong need for more and better instruments. Lancaster City has the largest refugee population in America, and the student population is predominantly minority. CFKF has offered $2,500 in matching support for new instruments.

New Market, VA Shenendoah Valley Academy: This relatively small string program in the town of New Market (population around 2,500) serves an international population of students; they perform actively locally and regionally. The program’s growth is challenged by inadequate inventory, and they have received support for 4 beautiful new instruments.

New Rochelle, NY Songcatchers: This program, which supports a predominantly Hispanic and economically challenged population in this community just north of the Bronx, operates in a church basement and delivers instruction to students K-8. CFKF has offered $3,200 in matching support to help them rebuild their inventory.

St. Paul, MN Central Music Boosters Club: This public school high school orchestra program is in need of more and new stringed instruments to support their diverse student population. This grant will also allow some students to leave larger personal instruments at home to protect them from Minnesota winter weather. CFKF has offered this program a $3,135 matching grant to support their growth.

Ventura, CA New West Symphony Harmony Project: This is our second grant to this large and quickly growing program for kids in the Ventura area. This program needed a new infusion of instruments to support students as they grow. The population served is predominantly Hispanic, and many come from very difficult socioeconomic situations. They have received $2,500 in matching support for 10 beautiful new instruments from a generous gift by CFKF supporter Deon Hilger.

Wake Forest, NC Community Youth Orchestra: This small community about 15 miles from Raleigh has no public school string programs; this youth orchestra fills that void for students K-12 in the area. The student population is predominantly minority; CFKF has offered them a $1,500 matching grant to encourage this important initiative.

Wasilla, AK High School: This is a fairly new high school string program located in a rural area of Alaska; the program’s growth is being restrained by lack of access to instruments, and many students have been turned away as a result of both this and their inability to afford their own instruments. The student population is quite diverse, with Native Alaskans, Russian, African-American and many other ethnic groups. CFKF has offered $3,000 in  matching support for 8 new  instruments.