2017 3rd Quarter Grants

Congratulations to the recipients of our 2017 3rd quarter grants!

Boston, MA: Boston Bridge Academy: This charter school serving kids pre-K through 6th grade has a program where every child starts on a string instrument in 1st grade; the program’s growing and they needed an infusion of larger instruments. CFKF offered a matching grant from our Boston String Project fund to encourage this program’s growth.

Conway, SC: Academy of Hope Charter School: This is a public charter school serving kids grades 3-8 in an area of high poverty. Their goal is to provide a free instrument to each child involved in music, and this grant will go toward that goal. We’ve offered $2,500 in matching funds to further encourage the growth of this program for underserved kids.

Flint, MI: Carman-Ainsworth Middle School: This is our third request from Flint; they have a quickly growing program in a very hard-hit area economically. They are adding a 5th grade program to an existing program for grades 6-8. CFKF has given $4,000 in matching funds to encourage this program’s growth.

Jacksonville, FL: Cathedral Arts Project: This is an after-school program for underserved kids in the Jacksonville area grades 3-5. There’s a strong need to replace its aging inventory of violins and to enhance their quality. The student population is mainly Hispanic and African-American; CFKF has offered a matching grant to further encourage the growth of this after-school program.

Little Rock, AR: Wildwood Academy of Music and the Arts: This summer program serves students grades K-12 serving 6 counties near Little Rock, but has attendees from as far away as Iowa and Texas. The student population is diverse; they had no instruments and had been borrowing them from other school districts. We’ve offered $3,000 in matching funds to further encourage the growth of this interesting and quickly growing program, our first in Arkansas.

Manassas, VA: Parkside Middle School: This suburban middle school west of DC wants to ensure access to instruments for students otherwise unable to participate. The student population is diverse, and CFKF offered matching support for 20 violins to support their need.

Newark, NJ: Gray Charter School: This multi-ethnic charter school’s plan is to have all students grades 1-8 playing the violin, with one goal being their performing alongside members of the New Jersey Symphony. The school operates in a high poverty area of Newark; CFKF has offered $3,000 in matching funds to encourage this program’s considerable expansion.

Phoenix, AZ: Sounds Academy: This program offers chamber music instruction for kids K-12 from throughout the metro Phoenix area. They serve Title 1 schools and economically challenged neighborhoods; we’ve offered a matching grant to encourage this innovative program offering the chamber music experience in Arizona.

Seattle, WA: Friends of Garfield Orchestra: This is the 3rd grant request we’ve had from this program; it’s grown steadily in the meantime, and they have a strong need for cellos and violins. Most of the students involved that they are working to support can’t afford instruments; CFKF has offered a matching grant to allow this important access to quality instruments.

St. Louis, MO: Classical Guitar Society: This is our second grant request from this organization serving kids grades 4-6 with guitar instruction; the number of schools participating since our last grant has grown from 7 to 12 schools. They work in the economically and socially challenged community of Fergusen. We’ve given this innovative organization matching funds from our Deon Hilger reserve fund to encourage the growth of this well-run program.

Tucson, AZ:  Hollinger K-8 Music Program: This program has an active string program for kids grades 6-8, and they wish to extend this program to grades 3-5. CFKF has supported this expansion with a matching grant for new instruments.