Our Supporters

Thank you

Classics for Kids Foundation wishes to acknowledge and express our deep gratitude to our very generous supporters who do so much to make our grant programs possible.

Supporting Organizations

Institute for Clinical Science and Art—Classics for Kids Foundation welcomes the support of the Institute for Clinical Science and Art, whose ongoing support reaches many kids with fine instrument grants.

Fidelity Foundation—The Fidelity Foundation has generously given CFKF a $30,000 grant in support of expansion of our grant program to several metropolitan programs including Philadelphia’s Settlement Music School, Minneapolis’ McPhail Center for Music, and our collaboration with the The Niles Home for Children in Kansas City, MO.

Hewlett Foundation—CFKF welcomes the ongoing generosity of the Hewlett Foundation and the vision of its President Paul Brest.

Muir String Quartet—The MSQ performs at many benefit concerts in support of CFKF.


Stradivarius Society

Thank you to our Stradivarius Society members and their annual gifts of $2,500 or more. For more information on becoming a member and the benefits of the Stradivarius Society.

Learn more about the benefits of the Stradivarius Society

Many thanks to our 2013-2014 Stradivarius Society members:

  • Ken and Michelle Alber
  • Madeleine Andress
  • Darin and Judith Antin
  • Joseph Asher
  • Scott Boras
  • Thomas Breitling
  • Paul and Iris Brest
  • B.J. Coffman
  • Perry and Patricia Di Loreto
  • Peggy Dulany
  • Edward and Ruth Evans
  • Rocco and Joan Fabiano
  • Danah Fayman
  • Anne Feighner
  • Mark and Gloria Fine
  • Kim and Marilyn Fletcher
  • Michael Flynn
  • Jenny Freeborn
  • Mike and Penny Fuller
  • Fred Gibson
  • Dennis and Cindi Gilbert
  • Stephanie Gildred
  • Patricia Glaser
  • Jerry and Barbara Glickman
  • Ronald and Abigail Grant
  • Joe and Betty Graziano
  • Abeer Hage
  • Mark and Rita Hannah
  • Michelle Haun
  • Sharon and Joe Hernandez
  • Deon Hilger
  • Ann Hoehn
  • Bill and Susan Hoehn
  • Laura Hoenemeyer
  • Nancy Houssels
  • Kimberlee Hyp
  • Fletcher Jones III
  • Richard and Lynda Kerr
  • Judith King
  • Barry and Deborah Kingston
  • Steve Lawrence and Judy Tannen
  • Timothy and Bernadette Leiweke
  • Jill Lenhardt
  • Richard and Sue Lowden
  • Papa Doug Manchester
  • Anthony Marlon
  • Harold Matzner
  • Bob and Sue McCollum
  • Scott Menke
  • Iris Model
  • Angus and Barbara Muir
  • Jay Parthemore
  • James and Eleanor Randall
  • John Raymond
  • Joel and Ann Reed
  • Dr. Condoleezza Rice
  • Lawrence and Cathy Robinson
  • Otha Roddey
  • Patrick Rose
  • Jeffrey and Gayle Rosenthal
  • Sam Schaul and Martha Miller-Schaul
  • Richard and Enika Schulze
  • Jim and Jane Slattery
  • Michele Soon-Shiong
  • Dean Spanos
  • Norman Strate
  • Shelby and Bill Strong
  • Burt Sugarman and Mary Hart
  • Tito and Sandy Tiberti
  • Joseph and Alice Torre
  • Robert and Sally Uhlmann
  • Paige Vanosky
  • Mark Pulido and Donna Walker
  • Mary Walshok
  • William and Lynn Weidner
  • Bard and Carolyn Wellcome
  • James Whitesell
  • Gary and Karen Winnick
  • Dr. Thomas Wolf
  • Bryan Zuriff