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3rd Quarter 2023 Grants

Congratulations to our 3rd quarter grant recipients! Montrose, CO: Colorado West Christian School: This is our second grant offering to this school; we gave a grant there in 2021. Their string program is growing quickly and they have a need for more new inventory to support that growth. CFKF has offered them a matching grant […]

“My inner musician”

“Feedback from the music teacher and students demonstrates that the grant funded violins have instilled a new excitement for music. There was hype built up prior to receiving the violins, so when the instruments were finally placed in students’ hands, it was with great fanfare. The music teacher expressed this by stating, “the new violins […]

They stood at the front, eager to play!

By the end of the program, they stood at the front of the row, eager to play and show off their skills. Boys and Girls Clubs of San Dieguito “What has been most exciting is seeing how the kids have blossomed and grown, from knowing little to nothing about music to being able to strum, […]

2nd Quarter 2023 Grants

Brownsburg, IN: Brownsburg Education Foundation: Brownsburg is a suburb just west of Indianapolis; their large public school music program is seeking to increase the number of ukuleles to be able to offer 1:1 availability of instruments for their students in the K-5 age group. This experience also prepares them for entrance into more advanced stringed […]

Great News from Cincinnati!

CFKF is excited to share this great update from the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, a CFKF matching grant recipient! The Nouveau Program is a brilliant opportunity to pass on orchestral music to the next generation. During the participants’ performances, crowds are elated by the young people’s talent and dedication. All the Nouveau students performed at this […]

1st Quarter 2023 Grants

Congratulations to our 1st Quarter Grant recipients! Chandler, AZ: East Valley Jewish Community Center: This community center serving young children pre-K through kindergarten wishes to start a new string program with guitars for their kids, teaching them motor skills, communication, teamwork and language skills. We’ve offered them a grant of $1,500 to encourage this community […]

2022 4th Quarter Grants

Congratulations to these recipients! Baltimore MD Strawbridge School Music Program: This school serving kids grades 3-12 wishes to further increase their immersion in music with more instruments and community outreach. CFKF has offered them a matching grant of $1,500 from the Hilger reserve to encourage this innovative community initiative. Coral Gables FL G.W. Carver Elementary […]

2022 3rd Quarter Grants

Congratulations to these recipients! Cincinnati, OH: Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra: This prominent orchestra has created the Nouveau Program, which strives to support increased opportunities in music to kids of African American and Latine heritage. The students receive chamber music coaching and experience in age-appropriate workshops. They have a need for more quality instruments that the students […]


Students are very eager to learn the ukulele. Kearney Public Schools The funding received from [CFKF] has impacted students attending 10 elementary schools. Each school has received a set of ukuleles that are used in music instruction and performances. The ukuleles help us teach our curriculum and build necessary skills students will utilize as they […]

2022 2nd Quarter Grants

Alburquerque, NM Youth Symphony Program: This program serves around 400 students grades 4-12 from around the Albuquerque area; they wish to build sufficient inventory to support students whose families are unable to buy or rent instruments. We’re offering support for several instruments to support this worthwhile program in the Southwest where we are building presence. […]