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KEYS performs at Carnegie Hall

Kids Empowered by Your Support, Inc. (KEYS) performs at Carnegie Hall, May 3, 2016.
Kids Empowered by Your Support, Inc. (KEYS) performs at Carnegie Hall, May 3, 2016.

Dear CFKF,

KEYS extends our heartfelt thanks to the Classics for Kids Foundation for your support of our KEYS music program, through the grant of violins that we received last year. I wanted to share some news about the recent KEYS Orchestra performance in Carnegie Hall.


The performance was last Tuesday, May 3rd, and it was indeed an amazing experience for our KEYS students, their parents and families, and everyone who attended. Dr. Andrew Smith, the Director of the Suzuki Music Schools who arranged this opportunity for KEYS, commented that KEYS was a “highlight moment of the program”.  It was a day that everyone involved will remember for a long time.

Laurie Bradbury

Assistant Executive Director

Kids Empowered by Your Support, Inc. (KEYS)



2016 First Quarter Grants

The following grants were awarded in the first quarter of 2016.  Congratulations to the following programs!

Bridge Boston Charter School: This is our second grant to Bridge Boston; the first grant was quite successful toward building participation in strings there. 100% of the children qualify for Federal free lunch, and 40% of the kids there are English language learners. CFKF is giving them matching support for 8 instruments.

Gulfport MS TSA Mississippi Gulf Coast Kroc Center: This Salvation Army Kroc Center supports a largely disadvantaged population with a variety or programs including music in Biloxi and the surrounding area that was hard hit by Katrina. 65% of the students qualify for the Federal free lunch program, and the population  is quite diverse. We have given them support for 8 instruments from Deon Hilger’s generous gift in 2015.

Jackson OH Christian Life Academy: This is a new string program in an area of Ohio that’s mostly rural; CFKF has offered matching support to help them build a more substantial inventory of stringed instruments with a matching grant.

Los Angeles Harmony Project: This is our second matching grant to Harmony, which supports a very respected music program in the LA area for over 2,000 underserved kids. This grant will allow them to expand their offering of instruments to the kids they serve.

Lynchburg VA CSD: This program is an established and very active string program serving and ethnically diverse mix of kids K-12 in the metropolitan Lynchburg area. They had a substantial need for more instruments; and our matching grant will allow much greater access to the strings experience for families otherwise unable to participate.

Monitor Springs CO Elementary School: this innovative new program aims to offer the strings experience to their entire 3rd grade class. The student population is ethnically mixed, and our support will go a long way toward helping their kids experience the joy of strings as an integral part of their educational experience.

Sacramento CA A.M. Winn Waldorf-Inspired K-8: This active music program has a strong need to increase their inventory of instruments so that the kids there can take them home to practice; the students also have to share instruments at the school. This Title I school will now have greater access to fine new instruments through our matching grant.

Thank you from Manitowoc, WI

We are so grateful to the Classics for Kids Foundation for your generosity and commitment to excellence in string music education. Music has the power to transform lives and as a music educator I am privileged to witness that transformative power each day. The eighteen new instruments have all been placed in the hands of eager students! Please continue to do the good work that you do, it is awesome!

—Monica Hrudik – Music Educator

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department
Manitowoc Public School District Music Department
Manitowoc Public School District Music Department
Manitowoc Public School District Music Department
Manitowoc Public School District Music Department
Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

I really love my cello! It doesn’t just look great, it sounds amazing! It has a really rich and full sound. The first day I got it, I took it home to show my family and they loved it (probably not as much as me though). The color of the cello and the strings are beautiful. The scroll is perfect and the pegs are super easy to tune; that’s really helpful if you’re in a hurry. The new bow is also fantastic! I can tighten the bow exactly how tight I need it and the knob at the end of the bow turns very easily. It doesn’t stick at all.
Thanks for helping me get this cello. I plan on using it throughout all of my high school years. love my cello!

—Josie G.

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

Thank you so much for the new viola! I can tell it plays way better than my old viola. The appearance is 200% better! My old one had carvings of smiley faces and words on it, but this one doesn’t have a single scratch on it! The case I am really thankful for. My old case had no strap or handle so I was unable to bring it home, but the case is soft on the inside and has a handle AND a strap! I am very thankful to have received a new instrument from the grant! Thanks again!

—McKenna P.

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

I find my new cello to be of much higher quality than the previous one I had. The new cello is a lot more explosive in sound, and has a better response compared to the other cellos owned by the school before, not to mention a louder sound overall. The bright tone is not unlike what professional cellists use, so I am elated to have the newer instrument. I also find the new cello easier to tune, which increases the confidence in my music because I know the tuning is more accurate.
The carbon-fiber bow that accompanied the instrument is also very sleek and appears resilient to wear. The new bow is also lighter and easier to rosin, yet still has a powerful grip on the strings. There is no doubt that the higher bow quality also contributes to the new cello’s better performance.
I sincerely thank the grant institution for giving Lincoln High School the opportunity to better our instrument selection and make our orchestra more professional.

—Nile M.

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

I am very grateful and happy, for receiving a new violin! The violin and bow are very beautiful, I enjoyed playing it for the first time. The tune is amazing, and better than my old violin. The violin in itself is gorgeous, making me want to play it more, and learn the pieces faster, in order to play it correctly. I feel like the violin gives me an extra boost, the way it sounds makes me want to play loudly and show everyone how great the violin sounds! I’m very excited to play the violin in the future, thank you very much!!!
—Yadira F.

Manitowoc Public School District Music Department

Well I like my new instrument because there’s no scratches, and it’s way easier to hold, and it won’t give you splinters on your neck, it’s way nicer than my old one, it sounds a lot better.

—Quianna R

2015 Fourth Quarter Grants

The following grants were awarded in the fourth quarter of 2015.  Congratulations to the following programs!

Brooklyn NY PS 230: this ethnically diverse school serving grades 2-5 wishes to build a string program to complement their active band program; they have received a $2,000 matching grant from CFKF to support this exciting new initiative.

Cincinnati Public Schools Itinerant String Program: This large school district serving children grades 1-6 proposes to greatly increase access to instruments for four schools that are classified as Title I near downtown Cincinnati. The student population is mixed and predominantly black; CFKF has offered an initial $2500 matching grant to support this large new initiative.

Fergus Falls MN Fergus Falls Orchestras: This traditional string program, serving kids grades 4-12 in this rural community in Minnesota, wishes to expand access to strings for students and families unable to participate due to rental fees. CFKF has offered a $1,000 grant to support their request.

Flint MI Carmen-Ainsworth: This is the third grant application from Flint, which supports a quickly growing string program. Flint is an economically challenged community that nonetheless supports this active program. We offered them a grant to help them gain access to beautiful new cellos.

Hartford CT Kinsella: This privately run program supports children grades 1-12 from the public schools in Hartford. Our $1,000 grant will allow them to expand their string program along with a greater variety of instruments. The student population is diverse, and 85% of the children qualify for the Federal free lunch program.

Lapwai ID SD 341: This exciting new program, serving primarily Native American students grades 7-12, aims to create a new string program for the Nez Pierce Nation. 91% of these children are identified as socioeconomically disadvantaged, and 91% qualify for the Federal free lunch program. We are offering them a $3,000 grant to support this exciting new initiative, funded by a generous gift by Deon Hilger.

Monterey CA MP USD:  This substantial new initiative serving grades K through 12 aims to revitalize string education for 4 schools supporting several hundred students in the Monterey area. Many students are English language learners, and 73% qualify for the federal free lunch program. We are supporting their growth with a $2,000 matching grant.

Nellysford VA Nelson County Community Orchestra: This program for students grades 2-12 in a rural part of Virginia is a community orchestra for students of all ages that these kids participate in. Their goal is to provide more instruments to students whose families could otherwise not afford participation. CFKF has offered them a $1,500 matching grant.

New Haven CT Music Haven: Music Haven is an innovative new afterschool program serving a predominantly at risk population grades 2-12, and 80% qualify for the Federal free lunch program. Black and Latino students make up 82% of their enrollment. We have given a $1,000 matching grant for 3 new instruments to help them keep their upward momentum.

Peekskill NY City School District: This program, serving an ethnically mixed population of students grades 3-5, aims to develop an ambitious program for string instruction throughout the district. 73% of the students qualify for the Federal free lunch program, and a major goal is to provide instruments for students unable to afford rental fees. We’ve offered them a $1,500 matching grant.

Richmond VA Public Schools: The RPS Education Foundation is embarking on a large initiative to build support and inventory for most of the 26 schools they serve. Only 9 of these schools currently have an instrument inventory and rely heavily on instrument rentals. 87% of the kids qualify for the Federal Free Lunch program, and 80% of the students are African-Americana. We are supporting this large and exciting initiative with an initial $2,000 matching grant.

Santa Cruz CA El Sistema Santa Cruz: This program aims to develop a stronger string program in one of the elementary schools through an El-Sistema inspired initiative. The population is both primarily at risk and economically disadvantaged, and many are English language learners. They have been offered a matching grant to expand their instrument inventory.

Texas Lutheran University Community Music Academy: This program serving grades 2-12, supports a diverse student population; between 40-82% qualify for the Federal free lunch program (depending on the child’s background). This is the second grant request from Texas Lutheran; the program has grown substantially since our first grant, and they have a strong need for more and larger instruments as the children grow. CFKF is supporting this program with a $2,000 matching grant.

Topeka KS Public Schools: The Topeka public schools need substantial support to help them revitalize their aging inventory of instruments in order to encourage participation and continuation in strings grades 6-8. They have a substantial string program, but attrition is substantial after f5th grade, often due to Instruments of poor quality. The population is ethnically diverse, and approximately 80% of the students qualify for the Federal free lunch program. We have offered them a $2,000 matching grant to help them build an exciting new inventory.

Watertown MA Friends of Watertown Music: This organization wishes to build support and stringed instrument inventory for the general Watertown MA public schools. This suburban Boston community serves a diverse and often low-income family population.  We are offering them support for 3 new cellos.