2015 Third Quarter Grants

More grants awarded!

Bowie, MD: Youth Jazz Orchestra: This community is building a jazz orchestra to engage a predominantly at-risk and ethnically diverse population. CFKF is providing support for several new instruments for this innovative program.

Charlestown, SC: Allegro Charter School: This new school is creating a music program to serve an ethnically mixed group of middle-school students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds; their goal is to create a full orchestra soon. CFKF has offered support for new instruments for this exciting new program.

El Monte, CA: El Monte, CAHSD: This program serving a diverse group of high school students aims to provide musical opportunity to disadvantaged youth. The program is growing quickly, and the school offers a variety of musical experiences for the kids there. CFKF is providing matching support for 4 beautiful new instruments.

Elmira, NY: Elmira, NY HSD: This district, located in the southern tier of New York, has an active instrumental program, but limited school aid to support the purchase of new instruments (most are 40 years old or older). Our grant will both revitalize inventory for their high school strings program and provide free access to instruments to students unable to rent or buy them.

Greenville, SC: Legacy Charter School: This rapidly expanding program serves an ethnically diverse population grades K-4; his program is funded exclusively through a local Foundation. Their goal is to build strings participation and begin a middle school program soon, and CFKF is supporting this initiative with a matching grant.

Houston, TX: Reece Academy: Reece Academy offers strings instruction for pre-K and Kindergarten students, and wishes to modestly expand their inventory so that students can take already damaged instruments home to practice. They’ve received a grant from CFKF to support this goal.

Mankato, MN: Buela Youth Orchestra: This High School Seminary organization wishes to build an after-school youth orchestra and build an instrument inventory to provide access to instruments for young people regardless of their economic circumstances. We’ve offered them a matching grant to meet this challenge.

Mayer, AZ: Mayer Elementary PTO: This group wishes to begin a grade 4-8 string program in this very rural area school district; the PTO was formed to help support the creation or continuity of arts programs where there was little school support. The area is depressed economically; 34% of the students qualify as homeless. CFKF has offered this program support for their purchase of 7 new instruments.

Middlebury, VT: Community Music Center: This new program, serving a largely rural area around Middlebury, aims to allow participation in strings regardless of financial circumstances. There is little strings instruction in the area, and this program fills that gap. We’ve offered matching support for 6 new violins and violas.

Missoula, MT: Loyola Sacred Heart Foundation: This school serves students from a broad area of northwestern Montana; they have an active string program serving high school kids, and wished to provide a double bass to complete their inventory. We’ve supported their request, and continue our history of supporting the arts in Montana, the birthplace of CFKF.

Moreland, CA: Music in Moreland: This quickly growing middle school program serving an ethnically diverse population supports 6 schools in the Moreland CA area with strings instruction. Our support for several new instruments will allow more students to participate regardless of need.

Phoenix, AZ: Western School of Science and Tech. This new string program serving middle school kids serves a low-income population; they hope to build a substantial program to offer musical opportunity to the students there. We have offered support for several instruments for this exciting new program.

Pueblo, CO: Bessemer Academy: This middle school is starting a new string program this year, and wishes to build an inventory for their ethnically mixed student population. CFKF has offered support for 3 new instruments for this new initiative.

St. Louis, MO: Lutheran HS: This string program, located in an economically challenged area of St. Louis very close to Ferguson, wishes to build a quality string program for kids in a difficult environment. They have a very small inventory, and our grant will strengthen their ability to offer strings.

St. Louis, MO: Classical Guitar Society: This private program, serving kids from the Ferguson area of St. Louis, provides classical guitar instruction to kids from low-income families in a particularly strife-ridden area. We have offered support for many new guitars to support this important program.

San Marcos, CA: Fortissimo Program: CFKF supported the creation of this new program for 3rd and 4th graders last year; it is expanding rapidly and needs an infusion of more instruments (they can only expand the program when they have instruments available for the kids). We have offered a second grant to support this quickly growing program.

Scranton, PA: Marywood University: This afterschool program serves serves kids K-12 run by Marywood U. They wish to expand to offer more opportunity to families who would not otherwise be able to participate due to rental fees. We have offered them a second-round matching grant to encourage this growing and well-run program.

Zachary, LA: Zachary CSD String Orchestra: This middle school string program, serving an ethnically diverse population, wishes to build its inventory of double basses (they have 9 bass players but only 5 instruments so the kids have to share). CFKF has offered this growing program a matching grant for more new double basses.