2019 4th Quarter Grants

Congratulations to our 4th quarter grant recipients:

Augusta, GA: Salvation Army Kroc Center: This Kroc Center music program that serves kids K-8 with guitar lessons and instruments is located in the Harrisburg area; This program is intended to reach the kids there through music, and to improve their prospects in life. CFKF has offered support for 12 guitars.

Brooklyn, NY: Noel Pointer Foundation: This is our second grant offer to Noel Pointer Foundation. NPF serves kids from around Brooklyn grades 3-12 with afterschool and weekend instruction. They support two orchestras, which perform around the New York area (including Carnegie Hall). We have offered $3,000 in matching funds to encourage this highly dedicated strings initiative.

Heathsville, VA: Rappahannock Concert Association: This program serves the fairly remote area of the Northern Neck of Virginia where there is currently no music instruction other than from this organization. They serve kids grades 1-7  with lessons and access to instruments, and we’ve given support for 3 cellos to encourage this program’s further development.

Kansas City, MO: Heartland Chamber Music: This is our second grant offer to Kansas City HCM; they serve economically disadvantaged kids pre-K-5 at 4 sites around KC with instruction for beginning violin and cello.  We’ve offered $3,075 in matching funds to encourage this growing initiative.

Lexington, MI: Camp Cavell: This is our 2nd grant to Camp Cavell; this is a summer program, and their desire is to provide a musical opportunity that’s a gateway to the music experience, while being affordable. The students come from around Southeast Michigan (including Detroit and a total of 35 cities and towns) we’ve offered $500 in matching funds to help them purchase 10 ukeleles and to continue encouraging their summer program’s growth and the underserved kids they support.

Los Angeles, CA: A Place Called Home: This is our second grant offer to APCH; they serve 1,000 kids grades 2-12 from around LA, and our last grant there has stimulated considerable growth and interest. We’ve offered $2,047 in matching support for 13 instruments to encourage this growing program.

Louisville, KY: Marion C. Moore School: This public school, serving kids grades 6-12 in an urban area of Jefferson County, has a strong need for new and better inventory for their students, and for instruments that the students can take home to practice on. We’ve offered $3,534 in matching funds to continue encouraging their growth and the underserved kids they support.

Padukah, KY: Redland MS:  This is a public middle school serving kids grades 6-8 in the same area as our recent grant site in Padukah; it’s a rural school district with many low-income families. They needed support for 7 instruments, and we’ve offered $3,043 in matching funds to help this school provide access to instruments for those in greatest need.

Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Orchestra: This prestigious orchestra has created the School Ensemble Program serving kids grades K-3 and 5-8 in two different public schools serving several hundred kids. They provide orchestral training (by PSO teaching artists and musicians) as well as instruments; there’s a strong need for more inventory, as many students have to share them. These programs are located in West Philadelphia; CFKF has offered $5,000 in matching funds to further support this exciting young program and the kids they serve.

Rancho Mirage, CA: Steinway Society Riverside County: This organization provides musical experiences and instruments to schools all around the Coachella Valley in southern CA. This particular program is offering musical support for kids grades 3 and 4 including instruction and ukuleles. We’ve offered recommend $5320 in matching funds for many new ukuleles to encourage this program’s vision and all of the kids in the area they support.

Richton Park, IL: Matteson SD 162: This public school string program serves kids grades 6-8; the program started 3 years ago, and they need more quality inventory to provide access to their growing participants. We’re offering matching support for 4 cellos and 3 double basses with $3,573 in matching funds to support this growing public school program’s needs.

Rutland, VT: County Public Schools: This string program in a rural area of Vermont is working to expand its orchestral program, but is inhibited by lack of quantity and quality of inventory. We’ve $4,000 in matching funds to encourage this public school system in a state we have little presence; this is our second grant in Vermont.

Sandy Springs, GA: North Springs Charter HS: This school serving students grades 9-12 has a limited inventory, and there’s a strong need for more double basses so that students can practice at home.  The school is a dual magnet school, and many students travel as long as 2 hours to attend. CFKF has offered $1557 in matching funds to encourage this program’s efforts to bring music to low-income kids and families in a state we’re expanding our presence in.