2020 3rd Quarter Grants

Congratulations to our 3rd Quarter grant recipients!

Bloomfield, KY Elementary School Music Program: This is a Title 1 school serving kids grades K-5 in a rural area of Kentucky. They are building a school-wide music program to supplement their academic program; they started the program with bucket drums. The kids responded enthusiastically and want more musical experiences. CFKF gave support for 20 ukeleles to support this worthy program.

Boston, MA: Boston Arts Academy: BAA is Boston’s only public arts high school; they have a growing program and need more inventory for both home use (during Covid) and to replace rental instruments. We’ve offered support for 6 instruments to support this important program serving the arts in Boston.

Clearwater, FL: Sandy Lane Elementary:  This is a new program to build a robust musical experience for students grades K-5 in Clearwater. They are offering traditional string family instruments as well as guitar and ukulele; CFKF offered support for 30 ukeleles to help this exciting new initiative.

Cleveland, OH: Play It Forward Cleveland: This organization offers free instruction and instruments to kids around the area who have no access to either at their schools; they work in partnership with the Cleveland Orchestra and the City of Cleveland, among other orgs. They serve kids grades 6-12.  The student population comes from areas with high poverty and greatest need in Cleveland; they are getting CFKF support for 20 instruments.

Honolulu, HI: Saint Louis School:  This boys’ school serving students grades K-12 has one of the oldest music programs in the Islands; they integrate music and academics for their ethnically diverse student (primarily Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Island ethnicity). They are expanding their musical offerings and need considerably more inventory; there is a strong focus on connecting students with Hawaiian culture. CFKF has offered a grant of $2,000 in matching funds to support this program, with a focus on their need for ukuleles and violins.

Kahului, HI: Maui Youth Philharmonic Orchestra: This organization is starting a new program designed to be the first string program ever on the island of Maui. Their focus is on preschool-5th grade. They are starting a pilot program in the town of Waihe’e; the school there supports an ethnically diverse population. CFKF is supporting their request for 7 instruments with a matching grant of $3,110 in matching funds to help this new program.

Kingston, TN: Harpeth MS Band Program:  Harpeth MS is starting a new string program to complement their existing band program; this would be the first string program in the County. Kingston’s a rural community, and this program will serve kids grades 5-8.  CFKF has offered grant of $1,500 in matching funds to support them.

Miami, FL: Area Stage Co.: This musical theater company in Miami is creating a new program to teach ukulele and guitar for kids involved grades K-12, with the goal of having them perform musically as well as theatrically. We’re offering matching support for 25 ukeleles and guitars to encourage this innovative program.

NYC, NY: Third Street Music School Partners Program:  Third Street is the oldest community music school in America (125 years old); they offer music instruction and instruments to an ethnically diverse student population from PS 42 in NYC (they offer all of this and dance in 20+ high needs schools in this area). Covid has necessitated the need for many more instruments; CFKF has offered matching support to help build more inventory for worthy and venerable program.

Paducah, KY: Lone Oak Elementary:  Lone Oak is starting an ambitious new program to give the musical experience to all kids grades K-1st grade at the school, starting with small guitars. These lessons will take place before and after school. This is a Title I school; we’ve offered matching support for guitars for this this innovative and inspiring new program.

Paducah, KY: Reidland Elementary:  Reidland is starting a new string program for kids grades 2-3 in this Title I school; this would be the first time for them to engage in strings instruction. They’ve been offered matching support to help them build an inventory of new violins.

Sandpoint, ID: Music Conservatory of Sandpoint:  This is our second grant to Sandpoint; they are building a lending Library of instruments for the kids in their Conservatory serving grades K-12. Students would take out instruments on loan, like a book from the library. This is the only organization in the area that offers music, working with the schools in an after-school setting. We have offered matching support for 6 instruments to support this interesting model for MCS.

San Diego, CA: San Diego Youth Symphony:  CFKF worked with this excellent organization when we shared a benefit there around 10 years ago. They wish to expand their inventory to enable students on scholarship to have access to instruments (they loaned 363 instruments out last year). The student population (grades 4-12) they serve is ethnically diverse. CFKF has offered matching support for 6 instruments at a cost of $4,244 to support this very worthy program.

Tucson, AZ: Quest for Education and Arts: This private program offers string ensemble and orchestra training to students K-12 in southern Arizona. They wish to expand their ability to offer instruments for use by low-income students involved in the program. We’ve offered a grant of $2,000 in matching funds to support this program.

Wausau, WI: Wausau Conservatory of Music:  This private conservatory wishes to build a new program for younger kids (they have an existing program for older students; students K-12 are able to attend). This grant supporting their acquisition of 10 ukeleles will help them to expand their offering to young students otherwise unable to be involved. They also have a small youth orchestra.

Woodside, NY :New York Edge: NY Edge provides music programming to IS 318, a middle school in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn. They’re wishing to expand their after-school and online instruction to include more kids, especially those in high financial need families. CFKF has offered support for 16 ukeleles and guitars at a cost of $2,850 to help this worthy program and the low-income families they support.