2015 First Quarter Grants

We have awarded numerous matching grants this year. The following were awarded in the first quarter:

Adams, MA: Berkshire Arts and Technology Charter School serves mainly low-income families from rural areas in Berkshire County grades 6-11; they received matching support for 2 double basses.

Austin, TX: Kealing Middle School received matching support for 2 violins and one cello.

Austin, TX: Soundwaves provides string instruction in Title 1 schools in the Austin area. 3rd graders are served; the plan is to expand the program to the 4th grade while continuing the program for 3rd graders. They received a matching grant to provide new instruments for this growing program.

Bridge Boston Charter School received a second matching grant for several more new instruments for their growing program.

Bridgeport, CT: KEYS offers free music instruction to kids unable to otherwise have access to music lessons. In order to expand their offering and provide a badly needed increase in inventory, they received a matching grant for many new violins.

Manitowoc, WI: Manitowoc Public School District: This large orchestral program serving students grades 5-12 has an inventory in serious need of revitalization; many of their instruments are beyond repair. They received a matching grant toward rebuilding an exciting new inventory of instruments.

The Salvation Army Los Angeles Red Shield Kroc Center: This is the fourth request from TSA’s Kroc Centers; Boston is thriving, and programs are beginning in San Francisco and Phoenix. They received support for a grant of 20 instruments (10 violins, 5 violas and 5 cellos) for this new and quickly growing program.

Update from Valley Life Charter School

December 2014

“Dear CFKF: Yesterday we had our very first orchestra concert using the instruments you allowed us to buy with your grant money. The stringed instruments you see in the picture came from you, and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible gift you have given us. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving, and you have planted a seed for what will continue as a treasured program at our school. As the students played “We wish you a merry Christmas” and 500 elementary schoolers sang along, I couldn’t help the tears from falling. Thank you again.


Sincerely, Ally Briano”

Performance at Valley Life Charter School, Visalia, CA.
Performance at Valley Life Charter School, Visalia, CA.

Update from Bridge Boston

December 2014

“Dear CFKF: I hope you’re having a great start to the New Year. Bridge Boston had our concert this past December, and wanted to share with you some pictures! The students were so proud of themselves as they played as a violin and cello “orchestra” for the first time, and we couldn’t have had such a successful concert without your help and Classics for Kids. Thank you!”

Students from Bridge Boston.
Students from Bridge Boston.

Update from Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s

November 2014

“Yesterday was our first Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s concert this season, and I thought I’d pass along a picture of the debut performance! Our students graduated to their real instruments only a few weeks ago – they are holding the instruments from Classics for Kids in the back row of the rehearsal picture – and they are absolutely in love and excited to keep playing.

Best Wishes, Sarah Angello, Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s”

Students practice for a performance at St. Luke's.
Students practice for a performance at St. Luke’s.
Students with their new instruments at the Youth Orchestra of St. Luke's.
Students with their new instruments at the Youth Orchestra of St. Luke’s.

“Strings at the Kroc Center” Kids Prepare for Inaugural Concert

May 5, 2014 || 05-09-2014 News Release

“Strings at the Kroc Center” Kids Prepare for Inaugural Concert May 9, 2014: Kids in the new Strings at the Kroc Center program launched only in January through a partnership between the Salvation Army Kroc Center of Boston and the national Boston‐based Classics for Kids Foundation are tuning up their instruments to prepare for their inaugural public performance.

To demonstrate the results of their hard work, a special concert on Friday, May 9 at 6:00 pm at The Salvation Army’s Performing Arts Theater (650 Dudley Street) will feature kids ages 10-12—part of Strings at the Kroc Center program—performing in small ensembles.

Boston String Project

For the past several years, CFKF has embarked on a large community project in Boston, MA where CFKF is based. We’ve given matching grants to many programs serving at-risk kids in the area, and have worked with them to evaluate the success of our partnerships. To date, over 15 programs and hundreds of kids have been served.