Evaluations from New West Symphony Harmony Project

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Due to funding from Classics for Kids Foundation, we have been able to create a new viola class. This has not only enabled more children to join the program (7 students in the viola class), but has also added greater depth to our orchestra and chamber ensembles (previously there were only violins, cellos, and jaranas in the string section). Our sound is fuller and richer, which is exciting for the students. We have also been able to add one more chamber group since we now have more string students. Lastly, our violin teacher was able to teach more hours with the addition of a viola class.

I love music. When I play, I don’t worry about anything. I forget the rest of the world and get lost in the music. It’s just so interesting and it keeps me focused and entertained.

There are now more options for string instruments, which has added an element of enthusiasm and curiosity. Most students had not previously known what a viola was. There is also a wonderful bond among our violists as being the “first ever Harmony viola class” and also for being the “unique” ones. Parents have been learning about the instruments alongside their children. We currently have 40 string player students, compared to the 30 we had last year.