Our 2022 1st Quarter Grants

Barren County, KY SD: This is a well-established district with a strong orchestral program; they have a strong need for more instruments in their inventory for schools teaching kids grades 4-6. Many of the students served live in low-income households, necessitating the need for more access to instruments. CFKF has offered grant of $1,500 to encourage the growth of their program and access to instruments for those in need.

Bowie, MD FAME: This is FAME’s second request; we gave a grant here in 2016. They serve kids grades 4-8 in Prince George County. They need more instruments that kids can take home to practice and develop greater proficiency. 77% of the students in this program classify as economically disadvantaged. They asked for support for 2 double basses and 10 ukeleles; we’ve offered them a grant of $1,500 to continue supporting the great work they do there.

Chicago, IL The People’s Music School: This is our second  grant to this organization; they do great work providing music instruction and training (5 orchestras and 15 chamber ensembles!) for at-risk youth from around Chicago. We’ve offered agrant of $1,500 in matching funds to continue encouraging this worthy and expansive program.

Eckert, CO Valley Youth Orchestra: This program serves a rural area of Colorado; students come from a variety of age groups, socioeconomics and ethnicities. They need more instruments of quality to support their growing program. This is the only orchestral program within 60 miles. CFKF is offering them a grant of $1,500 to support this worthwhile program in an area of the Intermountain West we are building presence in.

Houghton, MI Copper Country Suzuki Assoc.: Located in a very rural area of upper Michigan, this association serves a group of children from elementary through high school. They need support for a few cellos for younger students in their developmental years. CFKF is offering a matching grant of $500 to support this worthwhile and growing program in a very rural area.

Louisville, KY Marion Moore School: We gave our first grant to this school in 2020; they serve kids grades 6-12, and they need more inventory so that students can practice at home (particularly young cellists who can’t take them on the bus), and to replace aging instruments beyond repair. CFKF has offered a matchinggrant of $1,500 to continue our support for this worthwhile school program.

San Fernando, CA Kadima Conservatory: This Conservatory has a partnership with the Vaughn Charter School that they are starting again as the pandemic settles down. They’ll be offering free after-school string classes starting fall 2022, and they need more inventory of violins, violas and cellos in order to build the program. We are offering a matching grant of $1,500 to support this growing program and partnership.

Sidney, ME Snow Pond Center for the Arts: This is our second grant offer to Sidney; they have expanded their reach to include new programs that will be served at the Kennebec Valley YMCA. The new school being served teaches kids grades 2-6, and they need an infusion of new violins for their incoming 5th and 6th graders. This scenic area is economically challenged; SPCA offers the only string program in the area. CFKF is offering amatchinggrant of $1,479 in matching funds to continue our support for this growing program in rural Maine.