Students are very eager to learn the ukulele.

Kearney Public Schools

The funding received from [CFKF] has impacted students attending 10 elementary schools. Each school has received a set of ukuleles that are used in music instruction and performances. The ukuleles help us teach our curriculum and build necessary skills students will utilize as they develop their musician skills. We have implemented ukuleles into our fourth and fifth grade curriculum–which has introduced students to the string family. Our students are learning about half and whole steps, major and minor, intervals, chord progressions, harmonies, and strum patterns. Strum patterns will in turn help reinforce steady beat and rhythm patterns. Students are discovering how string instruments produce sound through vibrations and being able to improvise simple chord progressions. Eventually, students will even learn to accompany themselves while singing. 

We will also use the ukuleles during our music programs. We want parents to see students actively making music to encourage them to support their children’s musical journey. The ukuleles will be a key part of our students’ development of a life-long love of making music.