2020 1st Quarter Grants

Congratulations to our 1st quarter grant recipients:

Bowling Green, KY: Drakes Creek MS: This middle school in a suburban and rural area of south-central Kentucky has decided to start a new music program with guitars due to strong demand from their students (they already have an orchestra and band program). They’ve been offered matching support for 24 guitars.

Chicago, IL: Chicago Bulls College Prep Music Program: This private high school offers free tuition and rigorous academics in Chicago Near West Side,, one of Chicago’s most underserved areas. Their music program consists of orchestra and guitar, and has a strong need for more inventory; all of their instruments need to be shared, CFKF has offered matching support for 4 new instruments to help them build their inventory.

Chicago, IL: The Peoples’ Music School: This school provides a tuition-free music experience to students K-12 to underserved students around Chicago. They are growing quickly (tripled ins size since 2015 to over 900 students); they partner with the Chicago Symphony for performance opportunities; they provide private lessons, orchestra and music theory to all of their kids. We’ve offered $2000 in matching funds to encourage this quickly growing initiative.

Clarksdale, MS: Griot Arts: Clarksdale is a small community in central Mississippi that has a rich history of blues music. This small school offers music education to students grades 3-12; they have a strong need for increased inventory as they grow. They’ve been offered matching support toward 14 new instruments to provide more access to this great program.

Dallas, TX: Dallas Symphony Orchestra: This is our second grant to the DSO; their Southern Dallas Residency program is expanding rapidly, supporting underserved kids grades 1-5 with free music instruction and events. We’ve offered $3000 in matching funds to again support this exciting initiative.

Detroit, MI: Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts: This quickly growing new school serving students grades 9-10 in Detroit has inspired over 1/3 of the students to become involved in music; they need a new infusion of inventory to keep pace with demand. They’ve been offered $2000 in matching funds to encourage this growing initiative in an economically challenged area.

Detroit, MI: Detroit Public Schools Foundation: This large public school system requested support for its orchestral program for kids grades 5-12; they have a strong need for more inventory as the program grows, as well as for replacement of aging and unplayable instruments. The system as a whole has made a substantial new commitment this year to music education, an exciting development after years of terminated music programs. This system’s student population comes from one of the highest poverty rates in the U.S.; they’ve been offered $2000 in matching funds to support this very encouraging new initiative.

Fall River, MA: Atlantis Educational Foundation: This public charter school is launching a new string program in Fall 2020 for kids grades 4-8 in Fall River, an economically challenged community with high rates of poverty.  They need a starter inventory of new instruments to be able to launch the program, and CFKF is offering $2000 in matching funds to support them.

Ft. Collins, CO: Off the Hook Arts: Off the Hook Arts is a recent private initiative aimed at creating musical opportunity for disadvantaged kids grades 1-5; they are expanding quickly at 2 locations in Ft. Collins with their Meadowlark program offering violin and guitar instruction. This is the only musical opportunity for underserved kids in the area; CFKF is offering $2000 in matching funds to continue encouraging this private program’s growth and the underserved kids they support.

Portland, OR: Bravo Youth Orchestra: This program serves kids grades pre-K-9 in one of the poorest areas of Portland, providing music instruction to over 600 students in 6 schools in the Roosevelt School District there; we’ve offered $2500 in matching funds to continue encouraging this program’s expansion.

Sedona, AZ: Chamber Music Sedona: This different model for string education by a chamber music society offers private instruction, access to public concerts, and music appreciation initiatives to kids grades 7-12 around the area. They’ve been offered  $1478 in matching funds to support this interesting model’s needs.

Winooski, VT: Winooski Schools: This program serves kids grades 5-12 in Winooski, which is close to Burlington. The town has the lowest per capita income in the state. The student body is truly international; a total of 25 languages, many African, Far Eastern and Middle Eastern dialects, are spoken. CFKF has offered $2,000 in matching funds to encourage this diverse public school system.

2019 4th Quarter Grants

Congratulations to our 4th quarter grant recipients:

Augusta, GA: Salvation Army Kroc Center: This Kroc Center music program that serves kids K-8 with guitar lessons and instruments is located in the Harrisburg area; This program is intended to reach the kids there through music, and to improve their prospects in life. CFKF has offered support for 12 guitars.

Brooklyn, NY: Noel Pointer Foundation: This is our second grant offer to Noel Pointer Foundation. NPF serves kids from around Brooklyn grades 3-12 with afterschool and weekend instruction. They support two orchestras, which perform around the New York area (including Carnegie Hall). We have offered $3,000 in matching funds to encourage this highly dedicated strings initiative.

Heathsville, VA: Rappahannock Concert Association: This program serves the fairly remote area of the Northern Neck of Virginia where there is currently no music instruction other than from this organization. They serve kids grades 1-7  with lessons and access to instruments, and we’ve given support for 3 cellos to encourage this program’s further development.

Kansas City, MO: Heartland Chamber Music: This is our second grant offer to Kansas City HCM; they serve economically disadvantaged kids pre-K-5 at 4 sites around KC with instruction for beginning violin and cello.  We’ve offered $3,075 in matching funds to encourage this growing initiative.

Lexington, MI: Camp Cavell: This is our 2nd grant to Camp Cavell; this is a summer program, and their desire is to provide a musical opportunity that’s a gateway to the music experience, while being affordable. The students come from around Southeast Michigan (including Detroit and a total of 35 cities and towns) we’ve offered $500 in matching funds to help them purchase 10 ukeleles and to continue encouraging their summer program’s growth and the underserved kids they support.

Los Angeles, CA: A Place Called Home: This is our second grant offer to APCH; they serve 1,000 kids grades 2-12 from around LA, and our last grant there has stimulated considerable growth and interest. We’ve offered $2,047 in matching support for 13 instruments to encourage this growing program.

Louisville, KY: Marion C. Moore School: This public school, serving kids grades 6-12 in an urban area of Jefferson County, has a strong need for new and better inventory for their students, and for instruments that the students can take home to practice on. We’ve offered $3,534 in matching funds to continue encouraging their growth and the underserved kids they support.

Padukah, KY: Redland MS:  This is a public middle school serving kids grades 6-8 in the same area as our recent grant site in Padukah; it’s a rural school district with many low-income families. They needed support for 7 instruments, and we’ve offered $3,043 in matching funds to help this school provide access to instruments for those in greatest need.

Philadelphia, PA: Philadelphia Orchestra: This prestigious orchestra has created the School Ensemble Program serving kids grades K-3 and 5-8 in two different public schools serving several hundred kids. They provide orchestral training (by PSO teaching artists and musicians) as well as instruments; there’s a strong need for more inventory, as many students have to share them. These programs are located in West Philadelphia; CFKF has offered $5,000 in matching funds to further support this exciting young program and the kids they serve.

Rancho Mirage, CA: Steinway Society Riverside County: This organization provides musical experiences and instruments to schools all around the Coachella Valley in southern CA. This particular program is offering musical support for kids grades 3 and 4 including instruction and ukuleles. We’ve offered recommend $5320 in matching funds for many new ukuleles to encourage this program’s vision and all of the kids in the area they support.

Richton Park, IL: Matteson SD 162: This public school string program serves kids grades 6-8; the program started 3 years ago, and they need more quality inventory to provide access to their growing participants. We’re offering matching support for 4 cellos and 3 double basses with $3,573 in matching funds to support this growing public school program’s needs.

Rutland, VT: County Public Schools: This string program in a rural area of Vermont is working to expand its orchestral program, but is inhibited by lack of quantity and quality of inventory. We’ve $4,000 in matching funds to encourage this public school system in a state we have little presence; this is our second grant in Vermont.

Sandy Springs, GA: North Springs Charter HS: This school serving students grades 9-12 has a limited inventory, and there’s a strong need for more double basses so that students can practice at home.  The school is a dual magnet school, and many students travel as long as 2 hours to attend. CFKF has offered $1557 in matching funds to encourage this program’s efforts to bring music to low-income kids and families in a state we’re expanding our presence in.

Help Us Expand Our Reach!

Now that we’re in all 50 states, help us identify other communities and programs in states we can have more presence in; tell your friends and colleagues about our grant program!

Here are our current statistics as of 01-01-2020:

Your Instruments have Arrived!

Students at Nesin Cultural Arts are excited with the arrival of their new instruments!

A student with Nesin Cultural Arts holds his new instrument.

A student with Nesin Cultural Arts receives her new instrument.

A student with Nesin Cultural Arts with his new instrument.

Playing with Holiday Spirit

“Recently Shenandoah Valley Academy had their Christmas pops concert including the beautiful bass that they received from CFKF. We’re so grateful”

A student from Shenandoah Valley Academy plays a bass purchased through a grant with CFKF.

Excited about learning to play an instrument!

Testimonies from ArtPlus’s Project Harmony Program:

Jessica Lindsey, Project Harmony Lead Winds Instructor:

“Project Harmony at West Sugar Creek is on its way to becoming a full-fledged symphony orchestra! Right now we are a group young people who are excited about learning to play an instrument and learning to work together as musicians. Especially with additional support of student interns and student volunteers the students have already learned a lot about the culture of playing in an orchestra: the ways in which we encourage each other by listening and giving applause; how we begin and end musical sounds together; and the importance of order and following the directions of the conductor(s).”

Rebecca Ray, Project Harmony Lead Strings Instructor:

“I am excited to witness the growth and size of our Project Harmony site this year. We have a group of 18 aspiring violinists and cellists! They were eager to learn from the very beginning and I have seen each one of them succeed in the following areas: learning bow holds, learning how to hold their instruments in rest position and playing position, properly caring for instruments, and working as a team.


The second year students are a source of inspiration to the new string students. Just last week, I witnessed several second year students patiently giving guidance to the new students on how to sit properly in orchestra and how to hold their bow.”